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Memories of Liberty Post

Anyone wishing to share memories of Goldi and
Liberty Post may send them to:

I will miss you, Goldi-lox. Or, should I say, Sally?

Liberty Post was a fun, engaging forum. I spend a lot of time here. And I learned a lot from doing so. And I feel that I am a better person now for doing so.

    -- Paul CJ - LP comment 1/13/2015

Thank you, Sally, for introducing me to 'Simply Red', I love their music. Even though we had our confrontations over these many years, you will always be on my mind, in my heart, and in my prayers. Good bye, and G-D Bless You! You will be missed by your very large internet FAMILY!

    -- Murron - LP comment 1/13/2015

May your soul rest in peace for eternity, close to His Heart, dear Goldi, unforgettable Friend. Amen.

    -- Marguerite - LP comment 1/14/2015

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